La Central and the Olive

Welcome to La Central’s inaugural blog post. We are so excited to introduce you to unique products from Spain and share the stories behind the passionate producers and artisans who craft them.

Undoubtedly the world leader when it comes to olive production, Spain dedicates 2.4 million hectares of land to this hardy crop and produces over 1.2 million tons of olive oil per annum.

In Spain, the ubiquitous olive makes a regular appearance throughout daily life. At breakfast we love to drizzle olive oil over chunks of white crusty bread with crushed garlic or fresh tomato. Mid-morning, whole olives will accompany our morning break as a simple tapa; juicy and salty. And of course during our loooong lunches and very late evening dinners, it will be used to fry and bake our meats and fish, and dress our vegetables and salads.

Of course nowhere is it more revered than in its pressed form. Good olive oil will receive the loftiest of accolades and be prized like the finest Rioja. To borrow my daughter Kika’s highest form of praise the olive is “…our everything. She’s our Queen!” We love it so much we chose it for our logo.

Come into La Central in December and join us in celebrating the olive in all its many forms, from different corners of Spain, as well as much closer regions in Victoria. Try them pressed, crushed, pitted, whole and stuffed with all sorts of deliciousness.

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