Our Story

A quintessential Spanish Deli and Bodega opens its doors in South Melbourne’s vibrant market.

Creating a Spanish hub in one of the most beloved foodie markets in Melbourne has been a long awaited passion project for me.

Entering the city’s vibrant culinary scene, I wanted to recreate a sensory experience matching my homeland’s: a place where spanish delicacies, from crisps and olives to buttery jamón, scrumptious cheese, delightful wines and tapas to-go could be tasted and discovered in a deli setting, while also inspiring fine chefs exactly as they would in Spain.

Whether you’re completely new to Spanish cuisine, or an expat looking for a taste of home, La Central is a place where authenticity and passionate selection are guaranteed. We cater to those in search of delectable ingredients and how to cook them, as well as those looking to gather with loved ones, perhaps whilst indulging in a few tapas and aperitifs as we prepare your order… La Central is here for your palate’s every need, all in South Melbourne Market’s charming ambiance.

And so please join me in toasting our fine wines to delicious food the way it was intended. I hear they go particularly well with galician octopus on our terrace at golden hour…

– Alberto