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At La Central our mission is to champion unique products from Spain and uncover the stories behind the passionate producers and artisans who craft them. Here is a small selection of some of our favourite brands and their journeys.

Julian Martin

Since 1933 this family run business has been making some of Spain’s finest Jamon Iberico. Located in Gijuelo, Salamanca, where 70% of Iberico is produced, this 24 to 30 month aged Jamon Iberico is 100% acorn fed in the dehesas (meadows) of the south-eastern Salamanca region.


One of our favourite product ranges due to the high quality and careful selection of anchovies, sardines, tuna and mackerel. You only have to taste it once to understand why this 100 year old business has become synonymous with the highest quality from the Cantabrian Sea.

Birba Biscuits

Birba Biscuits Now in its 125th year, the Birba biscuit brand has been a staple of Catalan homes for many generations. Made from natural ingredients without any colourings or preservatives we love the classic packaging and the great variety of assortments.

Vermuts Miró

At La Central we love vermouth. So much so, in fact, that it was one of the first items that we knew we had to import directly and when we were choosing it was pretty easy to land on Vermuts Miró. Since they began in 1914, innovation has been one of their key principles.

Bonilla a La Vista

As Bonilla a La Vista like to say, they are “…always with you during your daily moments of enjoyment: after work with your friends, with some beers at the pub, during a youngster’s birthday celebration, when you sit in the sand and feel the sea breeze after a session of surfing…” and no wonder.

These delicious potato crisps made using the finest of the humblest potato and good quality olive oil are the perfect accompaniment to some anchovies or mussels, or perfect just as they are. We love this family operated business and so does everyone that tries them, in fact we keep running out of stock, so get in quick.

Can Bech

In 1981 the Bech family opened a restaurant in Fontanilles, Girona. Little did they know then that their preserved fig and fresh sheep’s milk cheese dessert would pave the way for what is today a hugely successful preserves company. The preserved figs have remained one of their staples, but their range is huge and continues to grow to jams, chutneys, jellies and sauces.

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